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Greetings Educators!

Greetings Educators! Along with Gina, Ivan, Simon and the rest of the team I am  getting energized and excited about the upcoming Bolivia: Climate Change Education course we will embark upon together in a mere 10 weeks! While we will get to know each other through the Yak as we approach our start date I just wanted to say hello and give you a bit of information about my background . . . I am an ecologist and have been working on conservation and sustainable development projects in Latin America for about 15 years now, in Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Bolivia. Most of my work has been in Bolivia, where my wife and our kids are from. As an ecologist my awareness and understanding of climate change and its impacts on Andean societies comes from first hand experience working directly with rural and urban communities on adaptation projects linked to agriculture, biodiversity conservation and small-scale economic development initiatives. Lately and thanks in part to helping pull together the first Bolivia Climate Change Education course, my work has increasingly focused on education and application of solutions to the every present impacts being experienced daily in the Andes. I have fair knowledge of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and look forward to sharing a progress report with you all, it isn’t all so grim . . . . but there is a lot to do and we have to hold out hope for the youth.

OK, that is it for now, more soon! Stephen