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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.


When talking about a community, what might first come to mind? Children riding bicycles around a quiet suburb; a school bus stopping along the next road waiting to pick children who nervous  dread their next math test. Or is a community as simple a group of people who come together to form a close knit bond. That benefits them and others to help shared a since of connected.

Even since was I young, I’ve understand that community is such a broad term that doesn’t really fit into today’s ever changing society.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world in my youth, and came to realization that culture, identity, and other defining factor play a role in a community and how it differs person to person and culture to culture .

Traveling to Nepal has open my eye to the since of diversity of what the word community means.  Over the past two months we have spend time in Kathmandu, and are currently spending ten days in Chokati. Even these two places are in same country but vary in custom and tradition that tie them apart and yet piece them together.

Chokati is a rural village in north west of Nepal.  Where Nepal Himalayan group B has taken in by the people and welcomed into their households.   We are be treated as if we our part of the family; which could mean picking rice in ones field, cutting grass, milk goat/ water buffalo, gutting chickens, running the family shop, cooking, carrying a doko on one’s head or any other job you could image in a family or maybe your family back home.

There a undeniable bond that ties together the  community of Chokati. Looking in from outsider perspective, Chokati would simply be small village of seventy to eighty household. Who all work in harmony with other customs and tradition of the local area. But as I investigate more into Chokati, I’ve come to it has own flaws too.

Everybody in this place looks out for one another; especially children. My host mother often give out free goodies to children who stop by her shop ask for candy or sweet treat. Children wander freely around the village, which I think say something about the safety of Chokati. There isn’t much crime here from my understanding. One example could Ram-ji who is the owner program house while we are Chokati. He and his family keep bees;  “Somebody asked one of his wooden beehives up in mountain had ever been stole? He said something about how everybody who keep bees up the mountain know ones another only take their own bees down.

No matter how perfect Chokati could seem in my mind at first. It not perfect and has it flaws. There have been several times were I’ve seen my host family and other dealt with some drunk folks in was which as questionable. What have was respect and bounder that as physically cross in these kinds of situation.

To me this show a community who respect for one another, cherish friends and family bond, but is not different from us as we may think.