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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Coming Home

Hello dear family and friends,

Yesterday we spent our last day of transference and our second-to-last day on program on La Isla del Sol, where the origin story of the Incas takes place. It was amazing to be on such sacred land, especially at the end of our course. As always, however, endings mark beginnings and it is important to remember this when we transition.

We’ve had many ups and downs and through it all we have become better listeners, more-informed citizens, and better versions of ourselves in general.

We have come out of this semester super connected to the people we have encountered and spent quality time with, to the landscapes that have enveloped us keeping us safe and showing us the raw power of la Pachamama (Mother Earth), to the communities that we have gotten to know in the sacred mountains of the Andes all the way to the shores of the tributaries of the Amazonian jungle.

As your loved ones come back from being away for the past three months take into account that they are anxious, nervous, and mostly excited to go back home. Ask them about their experiences and lend them a listening ear to take in the stories they will surely tell.

As an introduction to their experience they have each listed three words that distill down their journeys into what is, for them, the essence of the last three months:
Roller-coaster, sailboat, bus
I pushed myself
I lived fully
It was hard
Variety of experiences
It was challenging
Change of vision
Introspection and learning
Unforgettably life-changing
Regalo de vida
Solo vivir bien

Thank you for your support from afar! We wish these 11 traveling dragons the best on their journeys back into arms of loved ones.

¡Abrazos y todo lo mejor!

Los instructores,

Sandy, Erick, Zack y Raquel