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Rice paddy terraces

China group on the way home! Thank you!

All students on the group flight home are now through security in Beijing and on their way home. Students traveling independently are also making their way to their next destinations, with the help of instructors and traveling family members.

A huge thanks to instructors Kristen Gianaris, Shuier Zhang, Gong Jiaju and Greg Pettys! Also, to our China Program Coordinator, Annie Jiao, our language teachers in Kunming, homestay families in Nanyao, Kunming and Mai Gang, and to all of the people along the way who met the group, welcomed them into their homes, fields, holy places, studios, classrooms and workplaces.

Finally, thank you to this wonderful group of students and to their families at home for supporting them on this journey!

Wishing everyone a smooth return home and happy reunions.

-Jody Segar, China Program Director