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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Cascadas en Apote

Our time in Tiquipaya has allowed us to become more responsible for our excursions, transportation, meals, and budget. This part of the trip is about gaining more authority in our experience, and being in one place has made for a smooth transition. The past few Saturdays have been our own to plan out, and two weeks ago, we went to the waterfalls in Apote.

We needed a guide in order to get there, and Annabelle’s host sister, Pati, agreed to take us. She lead us the 30 minute walk up the mountain. The sound of the water crashing to the ground was loud enough to drwon out the conversations we were having on the walk up, so our vioces went quiet. a few of us changed into swimsuits and ran under the waterfall for a few cold seconds. After walking in the hot mid-day sun, the water was refreshingly frigid.

We all sat in the sun and enjoyed what we had packed for lunch that morning as well as conversation. I had a conversation in broken Spanish with Pati that I rather enjoyed. She explained her field of study to me, and I tried my best to ask clarifying questions in not-so-clear Spanish. She is studying nature conservation in university, with a focus on fauna. It seems that everyone who gets involved with Dragons, in one way or another, is passionate about perserving the Earth’s beauty.

After spending an hour or so at the waterfall, it was time to walk back down the mountain. The trufi joined us at the base of the mountain, and we loaded back in the car. We stopped for icecream on the way back, and our trufi driver’s daughter even gave some to the tiny black puppy that came along for the ride.

With a successful x-phase day behind us, we headed back to the program house. A day well spent.