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Photo by Elke Schmidt, Senegal Bridge Year Program.

An Excursion Summary

Our excursion has come to a close, and so I share with you a little of our activities. We enjoyed our introduction to the Sine-Saloum Delta at Keur Bamboung, which gave us time to take in the beautiful environment and to reflect. Highlights include kayaking through the Mangrove forests and an eco-trail where we learnt about the region’s wildlife.


From there to Oudierin, where we were well treated by our host, uncle Lamine. He took us on a comprehensive tour of his island, protected for his family for generations to come. This was an important time of relaxation from Dakar busyness. We enjoyed lots of swimming and a late night campfire.


Our time in Niodior made the largest part of our trip, where we were settled into a little corner of this ~12,000 strong Serer community by ways of our homestays. We learnt to make traditional bread, were told about the a mutual credit society in the village and drank lots of attaya with our homestay families.


On our final full day at Niodior we were lucky enough to experience the village’s celebrations for Independence Day. This involved a lot of marching during a big gathering of the whole village, with fusion between the modern and traditional in clothing, in music and in switching between marching and dancing. All this taking place at the heart of the village, its football pitch. We then finished our time in Niodior by trying our hands at fishing, before a final evening with our homestays.


Last of all to Djiffer, where we stayed in a beautiful campement (a collection of simple dorms around a communal space for eating and socialising). Here we enjoyed the last of our Dakar break, taking time to nap in hammocks, enjoy group time, and reflect on our excursion in preparation for the last 2 months of our time in Senegal.