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A Period of Transference

With only four days left together, our group has been settled into the village of Phyang beginning our transference journey. With views of snow capped Himalayas and sounds of chanting coming from the nearby monestary, we are spending our days in reflection and projection, considering how our time together over the last three months will impact our return home so soon. Each day of transference has had a different focus; yesterday was on education, today privilege, and tomorrow the self. Students have participated in activities where they have created colorful maps of the course, they developed a dream curriculum that they would like to see implemented in the real world, and they partook in the privilege walk.

Outside of these activities we have also had a lot of laughter and conversations lasting late into the night.

A special shout out to our Elliot Baba, whose birthday it is today.

All the best,

Team India