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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

A List of Unexpected Facts and Experiencing One Might Fine Traveling Through Nepal

1. No matter how much Daal Bhaat you throw up you will always have to eat more Daal Bhaat.
Daal Bhaat power 24 hours.
2. If you don’t drink at least six teas in one day something is wrong.
All of the scenarios I can think of where there is no tea are terrifying.
3. People are going to take your photo whether you know them or not.
More likely than not you won’t know them.
4. All tourist in Nepal seem to buy all of their clothes from one boutique in Thamel.
If someone would tell me where it is that would be great because I can not seem to find it.
5. Never trust a monkey.
If you make eye contact with one run as fast as you can.
6. If you don’t know what someone is saying in Nepali just smile, repeat what they say, and add a hajuri.
That said even if you want to speak Nepali people will often respond to you in English.
7. Tempos are actually the best vehicle ever invented.
Never underestimate the power of a good tempo.
8. No matter who will you are, you will dance in Nepal.
It will probably also be filmed!
9. You can use corn for a lot more than you think.
It is a great cleaning utensils and a good alternative to firewood.
10. Cows rule Nepal, not people.
If a cow is walking straight into oncoming traffic you better swerve.