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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

A Day In Sampela

Wake up at 5 am to the roosters crowing and loud neighborhood chatter

Drink water

Lather on sunscreen before your body can start to sweat it off

Inspect bug bites and possible rashes

Eat breakfast of nasi goreng (fried rice), a fried egg and sweet tea on the porch with family

Drink water

Chat with everyone as neighbors join us on the porch, then do the dishes

Go to the toilet to pee in the hole over the ocean water

Drink water

Go spearfishing with Bapak

Mandi (shower)

Wander along the board walk, never look up because you will trip and fall off

Visit a friend and sit on their porch. Drink more tea or if you get the chance, sweetened condensed milk, and biscuits or pisang goreng.

Drink water

Head to lunch at Andar and Saipa’s home. Eat an awesome meal!

Go back to the toilet. (If constipated, drink a cup of coffee)

Chat with everyone, do the dishes, do more chatting on the porch as others read or journal

Head home and sit with family. Add fishing string to the hooks. Cut up dried cassava, watch Ibu cook, listen to guitar playing…

Drink water

Read more. Journal more. Take photographs. Wander.

Drink water

Head back to the toilet

Go back to Andar and Saipa’s home for a Panel Talk

Have dinner, do morning meeting and gratitude circle

Drink water

Do dishes, chat as you slowly get more and more tired

Head home in the dark using your head lamp


Say goodnight to your family

Get in bed, sticky, drained and happy.

Drink water