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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

7 Beautiful Things

  1. Pre Incan cave paintings. On the last day of our ToroToro trek closer to the end Don Mario showed use a wall of the paintings. Befor this I thought art from the reneasance was the most beautiful art in the world.
  2. My Tikipaya homestay mother Rosa. She showed me how stong a woman could be. She was a single mom who took care of her farm, in home bussiness, and sold in the market. She was also incredibly generous. Making me feel so at home by treating me like her daughter.
  3. Weaving museum in Sucre. The works in particular that where amazing where the red and black underworld weavings. Every creature had other creatures in them and more inside those and the feet of some would turn into the hairs of others. There is no repetition to the weavings so its so easy to get lost in it  following all the creatures.
  4. Families in Queros. Every member of each homestay was so strong and present. The mother and father roles where more equal. Fathers were spinning yarn, cooking dinner, making beds, and helping around the house with more “womenly” role. The children where so mature and respectful. I never heard them whine or talk back to their parents. The children carried themselves with purpose.
  5. A spot we stopped at to take a breathe while walking in Queros. We stopped at a high point to turn and see the clouds open up to a lake with a web/ field of streams feeding into it. I felt myself become emotional because in a month I would be back in Boston and not see something like that for a long time.
  6. Pachamanca. I could write so much about this. But all you need to know was that it was my first time seeing an animal killed and butchered for me to eat. I was an amazing experience full of purpose and ritual. The most amazing moment of it was when one of the sheep turned out to be pregnant and our guild put the fetus in my hand and broke the umbilical cord. I cried because it was so beautiful.
  7. Itza interacting with people. I’m  so amazed with how genuinely interested and charismatic our instructor is with people. She makes a connection and impression with everyone she meets. She makes the most out of everything. She treats everyone with respect and with the belief that she can learn something from everyone. I would like to travel and move throughout the world like she does.