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feeling like i need more time, but i know it can only be saved, not spent

i don’t think i’ve quite had the space for a complete introspection of Varanasi, and knowing myself i will probably push it off. it’s difficult to do when our next few days are so uncertain and hectic. i wish we had some time in between departing this city and beginning xphase. but alas!

a few things that are swimming around my undulating uncertain mind at zee moment:

-babou’s off-white overalls, carefully rolled up to his ankles. he always looks like he’s about to fall over whenever he’s drinking water from the small lid of his mother’s water bottle

-my roof at dusk

-wax caked in my fingernails

-sweet potato puri

-getting the pleasure of bumping into Raj, often on his bike and meowing at me

everyone is waiting for me to finish this yak so we can leave the program house to catch our bus, so chalo!!!

with love, Ruthie