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What is work equality?

What is equality in work? If one has more ability to work, should they do a larger share of the task at hand? Should work be shared by amount, or by the effort of the individual?


These were some questions that went through my mind this morning (March 15 2018) during service. The labor was tiring and unpleasant as the cement got messy very easily. Even though the situation was chaotic, it was very clear that some individuals were not pulling their weight. This caused some others to slow down, as they think everyone should be doing an equal share of the work. However, only one person spoke out about the issue, and he was blamed by others due to a misunderstanding. The result was to be expected, no change was made in the workload of each individual, but the mood of the group was darker and we were less united than before.


The observant worker realised that there would be no change in the workload distribution no matter what he tried. He acknowledged the fact that he was making this into a bigger problem than the one he was trying to solve. So he let it be, and took one for the team.