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Welcome, Travelers!

Greetings, Nueva travelers!

It’s exciting to introduce you all to the Nueva School and Where There Be Dragons Yak Board for the upcoming Thailand Course: “Thailand: The Spirit of Gren Jai!”

It may seem like the fall semester just began, yet July is approaching! In just a few months you’ll trade Bay views for the verdant fields of Pun Pun Village. Soon you’ll find yourself bouncing back and forth between time and place as you learn about Thailand’s people and environments and experience the ever-present tension between development and tradition. You’ll spend days and nights with homestay families who will take you in as their own upon meeting you; you’ll engage with remarkable people dedicated to returning Thailand’s environment back to lush farming ground; you’ll bounce between vastly different rhythms of life and interwoven stories of ethnically diverse peoples. And alongside you, you’ll find that this Yak Board will be a powerful forum that weaves together a vibrant narrative of the collective journey you’ll be on with your Nueva-Dragons community from the pre-course days, well into the field, and even after.

We are thrilled to be a part of your experience in Thailand. To make it real, the first thing we are asking of you is an introduction. You may be well-acquainted with your peers on this course, but you may not know their expectations, excitement, goals, curiosities, and fears of your classmates, instructors, and teachers. This forum will provide the space and support to share these things. And, you’ll be amazed looking back at the end of the course and witness the ways you’ve grown and changed in just a couple of weeks!

We are overjoyed to follow along with your adventure.

-Dragons Administration Team