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Two memories from today

Today we experienced yet another day in the beautiful city of Phnom Penh. My favourite parts of the day were our rooftop meeting in the morning, and our discussion with Thavry, the author of “A Proper Woman”. Firstly, on the roof, we learned about the first of the 8 Ways of Buddhism – “Right Thought”. An empty cup analogy was used – when we pour tea into a cup that is already full, there is no more room, but when you take an empty cup you have so much room to be able to store other things. This teaching could be related to our service trip. If we have our cups empty we will be more open minded, and more eager to learn new things and make new friends.

Secondly, when we met with the author at lunch, we were able to hear from Thavry herself about her life as a Cambodian woman, and how her parents supported her, allowing her to fulfill her dream of travelling the world. After listening to her inspiring story, personally, it really opened my eyes to the fact of how fortunate we are to have wonderful encouraging parents who try their best to provide us with opportunities such as this trip.

Overall, the day was exciting, and we learned an abundance of new things as well!