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The Way of the Day

We are wrapping up our time in Phnom Penh. We had an amazing day with a Market Challenge/Scavenger hunt in the morning and lunch with Thavry Thon author of ‘A Proper Woman’ and her friend Mie. The students were totally in awe and inspired by her story, her vision and ability to make her dream a reality certainly caught their attention. In the afternoon we were together to view a documentary on Voluntourism. and we had had some very thoughtful discussions on the need to be a critical thinkers and to question what we get ourselves involved in and with whom we get involved with. After dinner the students left each other with some more thought provoking/reflective questions around Learning Service and are how are we working toward a Buddhist analogy of keeping and empty cup/space in our head and heart so that we can allow learning from the places we visit and the people we meet.

(Pic is some of the group with author Thavry)