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Sheep selfies and dance parties

We’ve arrived in Tweisi village. Today’s post will be short as I’m exhausted from a pre-wedding dance party with women from Tweisi and my fingers are still sticky from eating Kabseh (rice and chicken on a big platter with raisins and almonds) with my hands. The group is really leaning into discomfort today as we move into a two-day homestay experience with big-hearted families who speak very little English. Possibly the most anxiety-inducing part of the course, so far tonight I only saw smiles. The evening was highlighted by a conversation with a young woman named Wafaa who was so eager to learn about why we were spending time in Tweisi amongst Bedouins that she tolerated eating alongside us as we attempted to eat gracefully. One of her statements surprised me with how much it resonated: “I think it’s important to take advantage of your free time and learn about other cultures, but I just wish I had more free time.”

TuSbaHo 3al-kheir!