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Selfishness vs selflessness

Today was our first full day on the island, taking part in the service aspect of this trip in Cambodia. So far the food on this island has been amazing – for breakfast we had fried noodles, dragon fruit and bananas, and in my opinion it was our best meal yet! After breakfast we made our way to our first service project which was helping to build a water tank to catch rainwater for the community. It was super hot and labour intensive, however we finished four of the eight molds that we had to finish by the end of the trip – so we were making pretty good time. We then had a discussion on voluntourism and whether it helps or harms the village. I’m torn on the selfishness vs selflessness paradox, however I do believe we are doing good work in this village, because the community is giving us feedback on what they need. This trip has been such an eye-opening experience thus far, as it’s my first time ever coming to this side of the world, and I hope others will be able to get this opportunity and go out of their comfort zone.