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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Poop and all its glory

How’s your poop? Is it a one? A ten? Maybe you got lucky and dropped the five we all hope for. Here we celebrate our poop. We know that poop is the best indicator for your health, and thus we make sure to check in everyday. A low number on the poop scale means it holds no shape, while a high number suggests a struggle. So… how’s your poop?

We’ve experienced a rollercoaster of poop on this trip. From Miranda’s four days of diarrhea during the mini trek to Macy’s days of constipation, people have been on both ends of the spectrum. Some have gone to bed at a solid eight and woken up to a fiery one, nonetheless we embrace it. From the ORS to laxatives, some people (cough, cough Miranda) have had to have them both. After days of consistent highs or lows, you can be sure to receive a round of applause after a successful poop; we support each other through thick and thin.

We’ve gone from the comfort of toilet paper to the useful bum gun to the discomfort of having to use water and your hand. We’ve all had traumatic poops. It’s no fun when the water at your house runs out, and you’re forced to make due with what you can find. Then there’s the times when you’re on the bus and feel a one brewing, proceeding to hobble your way to the program house hoping you make it in time.

Strangers just a few weeks ago, we know more about each other’s GI issues than most friends would. Poop has brought us closer together, and for that we give thanks. And this is what the trip is all about: being vulnerable, pushing us out of our comfort zones, and learning from our experiences.