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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


To all it may concern,

Here in Patan. Type “Patan” into google images for a visual reference. There are ups and downs to all experiences. I really enjoy our group; everyone is lovely and nice. I really enjoy learning flute. Kuthumba is the band my teacher is in. Nepali folk music is amazing. Type “Kuthumba” into google for an aural reference. Language classes are fun. I think language is innately masculine because it is left brain–double check me on that. It’s hard to wake up early. It’s hard to imagine that seventy years ago Nepal was closed off to the rest of the world. Now, coca cola and all the other synthetic products we value over in the west are replacing all that was once handmade and natural–“development” at its finest. Pollution is really bad here because of cars and gasoline and dust.
Did you know that if the whole earth consumed the way an average citizen in the UK does we would need three earths. Crazy, huh? Nature and its plants used to supply humans with all the medicine they needed. At one point, humans were using over 22 thousand different plants as medicine. Get back to nature!! Whooohoo! I feel like I can’t say that enough.
Half way done with homestays. Soon to the monastery, rural villages, and trekking. Can’t wait.
All is well.

Love, peace, bliss,