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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

“One of the best days ever”

A few days ago we arrived on this little island of 100 households where everybody seems to be friends.

In the morning, each of us leaves their home and joins the only cemented street on the island to go to the primary school yard where our lessons start. It is not unusual to bump into one or more water buffalos on the way, that graze besides this little “street” carelessly. On the schoolyard we are surrounded by very loud cicaders and laughing kids that are amused by our attempts of speaking Laos. After Lessons we all head home to a “seb lai lai” (very delicious) lunch and some fun with our host families.

After that we have all been going to the beach together in the afternoon to play games and go swimming.

After swimming we walk home through the rice fields, watching the sun set, again surrounded by waterbuffalos, cows or some of our host siblings and their friends.

When I arrive back home after the beach sessions at around 5.30 I only quickly grab my sneakers and run over to the volleyball court where we have matches with the locals every night.

If we don’t go to the beach we have other great activities for example gardening, fence weaving or we all lay down on the porch and listen to the elders of the village telling us folktales.

Every day here is so meaningful and filled with so much sincere joy and happiness that I fall into bed every night thinking: ‘Wow! This was one of the best days ever!’