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Not for the faint at heart!

The day started off with a traditional Cambodian breakfast as usual and then we boarded a bus to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia where the leaders of the Khmer Rouge were and continue to be sentenced.  It is a very complicated issue and process that has brought international attention and involved the UN as they investigated and untangled a very complex network of deceit, intimidation and fear for more than a decade already.  Fear of education, is not an uncommon theme among groups trying to over throw their target groups, because knowledge is power.  What is unique about the Cambodian people is their ability to forgive and move forward, to let go of the pain and desire to seek revenge and thus honouring the souls of those that died.  It was an incredible way to add closure to our time in Phenom Penh and our attempts at unraveling and understanding for ourselves the mindset on both sides of the fence.


From there we were off to Kratie with a few stops for snacks that included everything from Dragon Egg to Dried Durian and then the highlight that had everyone jumping out of their seats was the Deep Fried Tarantula.   I lost track but, I think it’s safe to say that everyone got at least a piece of Yut’s generous gift and a life time memory of their Cambodian Delicacy – see the picture!  Then came the live version and that too was more entertaining then any YouTube video we’ve seen in recent times.  The second pic is of guy I saw out the window just hanging around trying to sort out a few wires, it boggles the mind just how many are dripping off each post throughout the city and it’s outlying areas.


Wires won’t be a problem once we arrive in Koh P’dao, our Island paradise in the middle of the Mighty Mekong River.