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Night Market reflection


Today we went to the famed night Market in Siem reap, the largest market in Cambodia. My group of four started by trying a Cambodian specialty known as fried ice cream where a base liquid such as milk or milo and a solid item such as oreos/kit Kat are repeatedly crushed on a very cold metal surface so as they are crushed, they are also being turned into ice cream. After, the ice cream is scraped up to form rolls, and served. The prices for this ranged from 1-3 us dollars. After eating our delicious ice cream, we ventured into the chaotic market. In the market, there were hundreds of brightly illuminated stands selling all sorts for goods from clothing, to counterfeit watches, shoes, and other accessories. Part of the experience of the market is to bargain. Using khmer that we learned over the past 2 weeks, many of us attempted to bargain in khmer, even though all the vendors English was good. After looking around at the vendors and helping some of my group bargain, I went off on my own to buy some Thai pants, as well as a fake tag heuer watch, and a pair of sunglasses. By this time it was getting late so we headed back in tuc tuc’s to the refuge center where we were sleeping.