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My new little brother

Our final day on Koh Pdao village. The satisfaction of completing the service projects shines through everyone.  After spending hours upon hours on creating both a water tank and a garden, the projects finally flourished in completion. However, my satisfaction is overshadowed by the thought of missing both my homestay family and my lovely Cambodian friend, Nun. I’m really going to miss them. Nun, 11 years old, was like a little brother to me. Although we did not speak the same language, we had a strong connection. I would always look forward to meeting him at the community centre every day at the same time. We’d have this crazy hand shake, we’d play soccer in the rain, and we’d sit in a hammock together and laugh at jokes. He spoke Khmer, I spoke English, however our bond was stronger than a steel door. Nun was the key to the door out of my comfort zone. He’d come and help at the garden, he’d sing and dance with me at the community centre. We’d play games for hours and hours, yet time would fly as if it’s been a minute. I’m really going to miss Nun, and I hope to see him again.