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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

March 18


Today my homestay brother, Ivan, took Safa and I to Mt. Kiag. The hike up was tiring, steep, and picturesque. When we got to the top I was excited to see alters and Myon rocks as we learned earlier in the week that my hands would perform rituals and ceremonies to strengthen their relationships with their families, the earth, and their gods. However, when I looked around, I saw a litter garbage in the single stone covered in leaves. I then remembered that Lisa, our Dragons instructor, told us how the man who owned The land where the shrines were didn’t care about the thousands of years of mine history that existed on his land, so he destroyed all but two of them. Today, roughly 75% of a Guatemalan people identify as indigenous. While these people are the majority, they are treated like the minority. The man who owns the land on top of the mountain, like many of the large corporations who want to privatize water and control the agricultural business,Phil constantly to recognize the people who fight for Guatemala and shaped it into the nation it is today. The top of Mt. Kiag represents the countless times Guatemalan indigenous peoples rights have been tossed aside and ignored. It became known to me on this trip that only one nation in the entire world that gives the rights to it’s indigenous people. In Canada, I have learned that the same injustice exists, our indigenous Canadians culture was torn from their hands, and because of that they will never be the same. In conclusion,   Our hike to the top of Mt. Kiag Made me realize that terror exists in the most beautiful places.

Living in the moment – Terrance

A single moment is like a butterfly effect. It can lead into so many different life choices and it saves us into who we are today. This is why I think that living in the moment is one of the things that has been the most overlooked for me, especially at home. With my current school life, I never really get the chance to properly take in all of the little moments that happen around me. I’m always planning ahead for the future and worried about what comes next to a point that I was no longer able to see what great things were happening in front of me because I was too preoccupied with the future. Coming on this trip however, has really opened my eyes to the little things that happen around me. The things that pass you by in the blink of an eye if you’re not paying attention and the things that changed the way that I thought about the current moment and about every new one I would now come across. On Sunday our home stay brother Allen and his friend took us of the mountain where we crushed the leaves in coincidentally ran into Sarah and Safa, and their homestay brother Ivan, along the way. After a steep climb, we all enjoyed a breathtakingly beautiful view of Pachaj and it was a moment that I really lived out, and amazing view with an amazing group of people.

My main take away from all this is to live in the moment. Don’t let life pass you bye because you’re too preoccupied with other things. Cherish all of life’s beautiful moments.