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Looking forward to meeting everyone!

1) What led you to your vocation as an educator?

I ended up in education by accident. I loved theater and in college started teaching theater workshops in a women’s prison. I then spent my junior year at the University of Cape Town going into prisons and townships shadowing Theatre for Development activists working to strengthen their communities post-apartheid. When I graduated, I continued to teach as a day job while I wrote and directed plays. Slowly, my teaching became the most meaningful work I did. I also looked around and realized every person in my family, regardless of expertise, had ended up teaching. I guess, like Chuck, it’s also in my blood.

2) Why is this course important to you? To our society? To our students?

As the Director of Experiential Learning at my school, and as I prepare to teach my first Upper School course in this discipline next year, I am fascinated with borderless global challenges and how to teach the UN SDGs and international development with an emphasis on community engagement and recognizing and addressing white savior complex in action, especially when approaching these topics from an independent school perspective. I look forward to engaging in the work of NGOs on the ground to hear from their perspective how they are addressing these challenges, and working together with others to forge partnerships.

3) What do you hope to get out of this experience?

I’m particularly interested in the ways that well crafted immersive programming can impact students, so in that way I am looking forward to experiencing a Dragons program firsthand. I am also looking forward to seeing how organizations and individuals in Jordan are addressing issues such as gender equity, ethnic conflict and peace processes, and the refugee crisis. I’m also looking forward to meeting and learning from other educators that are dedicated to this work! Can’t wait to meet all of you!