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Lessons from Koh Pdao

Our last day in Koh Pdao was one for the books. We woke up early, and started the day with a quick breakfast and headed off to finish the projects. The smiles on the families’ faces once they saw the final results were priceless. Both the water tank and the garden turned out better than I could have imagined, and from the reaction of both the families, I could tell they felt the same. The lessons I have learned here in Koh Pdao are lessons that I will never forget. The children from around the community taught me that a smile and a bit of energy can go a long way; my homestay mom, Som Savry, taught me that random acts of kindness really can create a positive domino effect. Leaving the island tomorrow is going to be emotional, however, I am super excited for Angkor Wat and the rest of Siem Reap, that Claire and Yut are going to show us.