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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Leaving Kathmandu

How the time has flown! We have just finished bidding goodbye to Kathmandu, our home for the first portion of this journey, through tying up loose ends, finishing our ISPs, and throwing a party to celebrate our wonderful homestay families, mentors, and other community members. Now, after a quick bus ride away from the city and up onto the edges of the Kathmandu Valley, we arrive at Namo Buddha Monastery, where we will be diving into an intensive retreat of meditation and studies of the Buddhist teachings delivered by a Tibetan monk/teacher, or khempo. Our days here will be filled with these teachings, meditation sessions, attending prayer ceremonies led by the monks, walks in the beautiful surrounding hills, and lots of solo time for reflection and journaling.

Now that we are leaving the technological availability of Kathmandu, please understand that our Yak posts may become somewhat more sporadic, as we try to post bunches of accumulated Yaks all at once at times when internet access is available. Stay tuned!

As always, sending love and gratitude to everyone back home!

– I-team