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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

La Nación Q’erros

Hello Civilization,

Or should I say hello to the first world? Q’erros is such a beautiful example of a civilization that has not been infected by the sickness of the first world. In Q’erros, there is no worry about the newest iPhone, the newest from LuLu Lemon, or the newest Drake song. Instead of worrying about what is new, the people of Q’erros are worried about living their lives the same way that their ancestors have lived theirs for centuries. In the US, nothing is meant to last, whereas in Q’erros expendibility is a foreign concept. Everything they have is used to its full potential. This culture of being content with what you have and living efficiently is such a stark juxtaposition to the consumer culture of the U.S. The states might not see what they have to learn from indigenous peoples, but their culture of living simply should be looked at a little closer.