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Photo by Stew Motta, India Semester.

I Am Different

I am different
I have been here for four days
and I am completely different

I walked 9.5 miles today
It was the hardest thing I have ever done
But it was the most amazing day I have ever had

I took a bucket shower 20 minutes ago
And I didn’t even flinch

Because I am realizing that all these things I have
Aren’t making me happier
Than the families I see living with almost nothing
Walking around smiling and waving as we walk by
Living simply and gratefully for what they have

In the four days I have been here
I have learned more about myself than I have in the past 16 years

I have become amazing friends
With people I have never spoken to before

I have made memories that I will never forget
And I know now that I will never be the same