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Homestay reflections

Every morning I wake up to the sound of my homestay brothers running around the house. I feel so lucky to be in my homestay – this is the first time I’ve ever truly known what it is like to have siblings. Everyone here is so kind. They give so much while only barely knowing who we are, which is so refreshing. Despite today’s scorching sun, we all managed to get more work done than anyone expected. These past few days on the island have been so fulfilling. We have all been able to actively make a visible difference on a small aspect of the community members’ lives – a new water tank and vegetable garden. It did not take long for this group to grow from being only a group of tourists to a team of volunteers who are mindful of their actions and of their impact on the Koh Pdao community. At this point, we are finished working with the cement, and now everyone is focused on getting the garden into top shape for the growing season, before we leave the island in just 2 short nights. For me personally, I cannot wait to see Siem Reap, but I am also trying to make the most of the short time we have left here.