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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Here we are in Midcourse!

  1. Namaste dear families and friends!

Him B has arrived in Dhulikhel today afternoon after a beautiful, insightful and introspective retreat at the Namo Buddha monastery.
This morning (Sunday 18th March) we walked for 2 hours down from the monastery, through forests and villages to reach dhulikhel: our home for the next few days where we will complete our mid course process, reflecting back on the course so far and setting new intentions for rhe remaining time together.

We will miss the call to puja (prayer) in the mornings, the drums, horns, conch shells, and bells. We will miss the lamas’ (monks) chants, insights as well as the young lamas’ playing jumprope and tag. We will miss sitting in the beautiful temple listening to khenpo-la (our teacher of Buddhist philosophy), contemplating life and the nature of things. We will miss the quiet sunsets over the Kathmandu Valley, and the staunch dedication to eradicating the cause of suffering each monk exuded.

And yet we still have excitement and contentment with so much more to explore and learn in coming days…

With gratitude and compassion,
Shanti, Dave, Nick and the whole Him B family