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Greetings from Cambodia

Cambodia has already captured our hearts. What a wonderful place to be – right from the approach into Phnom Penh the excitement in the air was electric on board our Dragon Air flight. We landed with ease, and passed through customs without any queries with those e-visas in hand, and to top it off everyone’s luggage arrived.

It wasn’t long before we met Claire and Yut and then we off to our hotel in right in the heart of Phnom Penh. We got a whole 10mins to drop our bags and then off to lunch we went followed by an afternoon of briefings and orientation. The day ended with some dance exercising with locals in front of the Olympic Stadium and another Cambodian Culinary delight capped off the evening.

It’s as if it is the night before Christmas and not even a mouse is stirring – the silence is golden after the busy streets and wildly fragrant smells of Phnom Penh. The next 12 days will fly by, and we will undoubtedly not be the same people you dropped off at the airport on March 7th. Our experiences here will shape our futures and already in one afternoon you can take pride in how open, and honest your children have been with each other, and in structuring the shape of these next 12 days.

(Pic is of us all dancing at the Olympic stadium).