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Giant Indian peach ball of fire

Overall my experience in India so far has been immaculate. I have learned so much about my self, others and this wondrous county. The open hearted spunk of Indian people is contagious. I feel like I have been introduced to a whole new way of looking at the world from countless selfless interactions. Language barriers dissolving with joy of a universal joke held in people’s eyes, I will hold this in my heart forever. I have just returned to my beautiful, comforting home stay. The walk here felt magical. The giant Indian  sun slowly falling out of the sky  in front of me, paining the sky rich peachy purples and yellows, the bells on the feet of barefoot woman wearing vibrant saris that seem so intricate to me but on them it looks so effortlessly elegant the whole thing seems simple. Shop owners smiling and tossing friendly Hindi words out into the street where incense and the smell of foreign spices float by. Maybe it’s the smells but since I came to India I have started breathing deeper.

I am loving all the motions. At the beginning of this trip ups and downs were very high and low and they shifted frequently for me. Lately I have felt very balanced in my emotions. Calmly and with love I feel consistent. A soft, unwavering middle ground where the highs and lows are both present but not overwhelming. I appreciate this control and I think my ISP has helped. For the last 5 weeks I have learned about Ayurveda and massage. I have been taught things from my mentor that resonate so deeply with my and will add to my practice of life. I am so excited about massage and know this is the beginning of a new, healing chapter for me.