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Rice paddy terraces

Episode #3: Interviews with our friends and an (abbreviated) discussion of Yuan Fen.

We’re back with another episode of TTTWJ&T!

Episode #3: Interviews with our friends and an (abbreviated) discussion of yuan fen. Camera battery died.


A note from the producer (Kristen):

Jack and Tio are upholding their promise to keep you updated with their one-take-only talks at tiny tables. This week, as they deliver news and other interesting segments to the world from a tiny table in the park of one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, their camera battery died! Despite the technological tragedy, your favorite vlogcasting duo is sure to bring you joy, laughter, and new knowledge! To all of our valued viewers, we apologize for leaving you hanging in the middle of the “yuan fen” discussion and for missing out on Tio’s question of the week. We hope you enjoy Episode #3 and that you stay tuned for future tiny table talks.

Notes from your vlogcasters:

Tio: Sorry we missed Tio’s question of the week, we will do two next week to make up for it.

Jack: I’ll bring my extra battery next time, sorry for being a bingus. Also, sorry Tio for making you eat all those crackers.