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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Don Dohn Diaries- Part II

Welcome back everyone to Don Dohh Diaries (not Dairies — sorry about last time). For those of you who are new here, this is the second installment in a series tracking and recording the funny, unexpected, and just plain weird moments we as a group encounter while here on Don Dohn Island in the good ole Mekong River. It’s been a few days so the same rules apply; no dates but yes to times and names. So here we go again:

8:10 am~ My malaria pills are two different colors. Not sure what this means. Will update if it ends up giving me malaria. ~Josie

7:47 am~ After seven days and forty one games of gin rummy, I have discovered that I am in fact turning into a grandmother. ~Kaia

11:52 pm~ Woke up to the sound of dogs barking and someone trying to break into our house. Thought I might die. After some quick reconnaissance I have realized that it is in fact my host dad home early from his NGO job. ~Sarah

1:42 am~ Have discovered that in a pounding thunder storm, the most useful thing to have is a box of water bottles. Not for drinking, but for using as a door stop. ~Josie

8:36 pm~ Thought I lost my wallet today. Turns out it was just on my bed. Because of language barrier, host family thought I had lost someone back home. They are now both relieved and in hysterics. ~Shade

AND NOW! A very special Don Dohn Diaries installment of The Saga of the Tree Root…

4:14 pm~ It has been almost an hour weeding this garden. ~Myles

4:18 pm~ It seems we may have hit something beneath the surface. Might be a rock. ~Westby

4:20 pm~ It is a root. ~Westby

4:29 pm~ After some more digging, it seems that this root is far larger than originally thought. ~Wilson

4:35~ This hole is getting out of hand. It is one foot deep and the end (of the root) is nowhere in sight. ~Rob

4:37~ We have now realized the possibility of this root connecting to the large tree on the other side of the yard. Hoping it doesn’t. ~Myles

4:40 pm~ Someone broke the root. So mad. ~Westby

4:40 pm~ I broke the root. Oops. ~Rob

4:46 pm~ This root goes way farther down than we had originally been planning on digging. We are now about two feet down but we will not give up. Never. This root will be ours. ~Robbie

4:53 pm~ The groups confidence in us is dropping. They seem to think that we might just have to leave it. They have also made the fair point that this is an herb garden and the roots don’t reach this far down. ~Wilson

5:09 pm~ We’ve hit cement. ~Westby

5:10 pm~ Cement is extension of the porch nearby. ~Rob

5:11 pm~ We’ve been told we have to stop. ~Myles

5:13 pm~ Did not find the end of the root and now must leave. This is a sad day for us all. Hole is being filled in. The root shall live on deep under the ground. Perhaps it is for the best. I still dream of the day when we will find that root again and destroy it for good. ~Robbie