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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Don Donh Dairies- Part I

Hello everyone and welcome to Don Donh Diaries, a series dedicated to recording and sharing the odd, unusual, or hilarious moments we as a group encounter during our homestay here on the island. I’m not promising any major life lessons, just a little look into the antics we get up to. They have been recorded over the past five days, so there are no dates, but I have included times and names:

12:15 pm~ My host mom gives me a beautiful and delicious soup for lunch, full of veggies and chicken. I take one massive bite and immediately started choking. I look down and realized that what I thought were carrots were in fact whole chillies and I have four in one bite. ~Izzy

6:53 pm~ My host mae is in a towel, and nothing but a towel, holding a slingshot, shooting rocks at the cows invading our yard. ~Sarah

5:02 pm~ My host mom has just thrown rocks at some buffalo to get them to leave our yard. Apparently they wanted to greet me to the island as well. My host mom did not agree. Thus, rocks. ~Julia

7:55 pm~ Despite my best efforts, I still can’t explain the difference between making an “r” sound and an “l” sound to my little host brother. To anyone who just laughed at home, try making both sounds right now and think about how similar the tongue placement is and then think about how you would mime that to a kid who doesn’t speak English. ~Wilson

8:21 pm~ I’ve been in the fields behind my house for about twenty minutes looking for crickets with the host sis. I feel a lump on the inside of my pants next to my knee. Thinking it is dirt, I kneel down to get it out. It is a cricket who is now on my face.  ~Josie

5:07 pm~ We are in the middle of a EEEEEEEE match (a Laos version of capture the flag) when I glance over and see Izzy barreling toward me. Before I know it, I am face down in the sand with my arm throbbing. I’m not sure how much longer my breath will last. I’m not sure how much longer our friendship will last. 🙂 ~Julia

7:34 am~ Host dad is outside in front of some barking dogs. He motions to me, then the dogs, then yells “ma-SEE!!”  The dogs stop barking and immediately run away. We are now following them, practicing our dog quieting skills. Hush-puppies if you will. ~Westby

All day long~ I walk up to my host brother and say “jao gin kee!”. He responds “noooooo. jao gin keeeee!”. The debate over who really eats poop is still going on. ~Myles