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Departing Varanasi

We’ve been through many adventures together as a group, thus far, from bouts of food poisoning to boat rides on the Ganges. We have all experienced things outside of our comfort zones that have helped us become more well-rounded people. Growing as a group and as individuals has been a common motif in our travels. First, we began timid and shy, but now after spending almost two months with each other we are blossoming into the people we’re meant to be. The time spent starting out in Sonopani was fun and greatly reminded me of home, a fact that I took solace in. Then, we left Sonopani and moved on-ward in our journey, to the ancient and beautiful city of Varanasi. Varanasi has been the most difficult leg of the trip. Bouncing between illnesses and enlarged, fatty livers we’ve had a roller coaster of good and bad times. Luckily, our optimism never seemed to falter and we kept jolly tidings. Now we’re leaving Varanasi, the place we’ve made our home and been staying with loving families. The departure is saddening, but I feel it is coming at a good time. We’ve traveled the city of four-million people and now it’s time to go to a rural village and a significantly smaller population.