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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Day 3

Today was a day of learning, growing, and experiencing at the IMAP center. Our group started with a traditional breakfast of hues rancheros, Guatemalan coffee, plantains, and beans. This meal, prepared by a local women shelter, gave us the energy for our jam packed day. After breakfast we hopped on a bus and drove 15 minutes to the center. Our morning consisted of permaculture 101 and a tour of the IMAP facility, both lead by Christian. Our snack was crackers with a read spread and an avocado. Lunch was fresh local, and delicious. It consisted of an endless supply of Guacamole, roasted chicken, a salad, and handmade tortillas. After the feast, a much needed siesta occurred. With our burst of energy, the group headed down to the lake where we dug out a trench so when the water levels rise, the lake will be accessible by a path. With this work came muddy shoes, sweaty clothing, and blister ridden hands. After a quick work session, we headed back to the hotel Los Volcanes, showered and got ready for dinner. Our final meal of the day was a homemade spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. The meal was a perfect end to a long day. After dinner we wrapped up with a group meeting to recognize our learning, and went to bed excited for the next day.



Today, we started off our day with an amazingly delicious breakfast that we walked to. There was beans, plantains, tortillas, and eggs with tomatoes. We then headed to IMAP to learn about permaculture and sustainability. We learnt a whole bunch of really interesting things about ecosystems, seeds, permaculture, and the benefits of nature. Next, we ate the most scrumptious guacamole that I have ever had! Easily, the best part of my day. After this we went on a tour of the IMAP and everything was explained to us, like how and why each plant was set up the way it was. For lunch, we had chicken, veggies, salad, tortillas, and guacamole. It was so yummy! Then it was time for a siesta (nap)! Also, a fun part of the day! After lunch, we started the service work, in which we built a border to keep the water away and create a pathway to walk on. It was a lot of work and we only worked for 30 min, but it felt like 2 hours! Then, we drove back to the hotel where we had a free time. We played cards on the roof which was really fun! Then we ate a delicious dinner at the hotel. We had a conversation about what we had learnt so far and the main idea I learnt was that you get back what you put into the environment.