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Day 2: CRP

Jordan is a land of contrasts.  In Amman yesterday, I was talking to my fictional cabdriver, when…

How does Tom Friedman sleep at night?

Anyway, on the subject that is actually relevant to our loyal readers, today we had a slightly quieter day than yesterday.  We gathered at 10:30 in the penthouse suite of our hotel for an hour-long Arabic lesson, in which we went through various basic words (including the surprisingly difficult numbers) and phrases of the language.  From there, we proceeded to Hashim’s, a famous restaurant in downtown Amman, where we ate falafel and hummus (and to my parents, I did indeed eat the hummus).  From there, we visited the headquarters of the CRP (Collateral Repair Project), an NGO devoted to giving both direct aid and various classes and community programs to conflict refugees (primarily from Iraq and Syria).  There, we heard the story of Evan, a CRP employee and professional photography who, like many of his fellow Iraqi Christians, fled from his home in the wake of the ISIS advance of Summer 2014.  After that, we toured the CRP headquarters before returning to the hotel.  This evening (more or less an hour now), we will go to the Fadi and Jadal Cultural Center, where we will learn the Dabke, a traditional Jordanian dance.

And that’s the long and short of it for today.  Until tomorrow, this is the Milton Academy Jordan Trip, over and out.