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Chinese Classes

你好!Since arriving in Kunming, the group has been busy studying Chinese in their Monday-Friday classes. From 9:00am-12:00pm the group is divided into three classes based on their language level. As the group is settling into their homestays, they are picking up useful skills for communicating with their homestay family, getting around the city, and carrying out their Independent Study Projects. In China, teachers are given a lot of respect and they play an important role in society. Often, it’s good to greet elders with the title “laoshi” (teacher) as a way of showing respect regardless of whether or not they formally ‘teach’ you. We wanted to give a quick introduction to the Chinese teachers that we are working with for all of you following our adventure! We asked each teacher to send a quick note about themselves:

Level 1 – Ma Laoshi (Mrs. Ma): “Hello everyone! I am Mrs. Ma Yan Qiong. My English name is Rachel. I am happy to teach the students Chinese! I have taught foreigners Chinese for 13 years and I enjoy this work very much!

Level 2 – Wang Laoshi (Ms. Wang): “Hi, I am Ms. Wang. My English name is Cathy. I have more than 8 years experience teaching foreigners Chinese as a second language. I hope all of the students will enjoy my Chinese class and their journey in China. Welcome!”

Level 3 – Zhang Laoshi (Ms. Zhang): “Hi everyone! My English name is Miranda but you can call me Ms. Zhang. I have been engaged with teaching Chinese as a foreign language for ten years. I am glad to be working with Where There Be Dragons. Looking forward to our happy study time!”

Featured photo: Noelly studying her Chinese tones and characters