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At the mid point of the trip

Today was our second day waking up on Koh Pdao, with the sun, roosters and daily routines of our homestay families. This morning was slightly cooler with the rainfall yesterday which made for great working conditions out on our two service sites. Breakfast was delicious as usual, with my personal favourite dish being the French toast. This was a pleasant surprise as many of us were not expecting this type of food to be served over here in Cambodia.


Immediately following breakfast, our two groups headed off to work. From what I heard, the vegetable garden was pretty muddy considering the weather conditions, but it is coming along pretty well. As for the making of the concrete water system, lots was accomplished today through team work and perseverance. After lunch we had the opportunity to learn a special type of hand-crafted basket weaving using palm leaves, from a couple of local women on the island. I’d like to say that we all picked it up and created beautiful baskets by ourselves, however the complexity and slight language barrier led to the majority of us observing (in awe) our baskets being made for us! It was mentioned that the practice has been slowly decreasing over time, so it was amazing to witness the technique in action by such talented and experienced individuals from the community. Just before dinner, our group had an interesting and engaging discussion about education in Cambodia. We learned some eye-opening statistics and discussed our thoughts and personal opinions on the content. Our day ended with watching the sunset over the Mekong river throughout dinner with the group. Overall, today was another unforgettable day as we begin to head into the second half of our trip.