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An update on our work sites

Today we had a one hour bus ride and everyone got to know each other better. Traveling from Kratie to Sambour, the view was spectacular. From the lake view to the street of Cambodia, we indirectly got another taste of Cambodian identity and culture. Arriving to the pier where two boats were waiting for us to take us to Koh Pdao, we got a sneak peak of a Buddhist temple next to the pier which was really eye-opening. After a refreshing boat ride to the Island of Koh Pdao, we finally got to meet our homestay families and have our first “local lunch” at the Island community center. The food was surprisingly amazing and it definitely exceeded everyone’s expectation. Our homestay parents helped us with our luggage and everyone hopped on a bike, heading to their individual houses. The rooms in the house were outlined clearly by silk cloth and there were beds on the floor. Below the house there was a big open area with hammock made out of fish net. The neighborhood was really peaceful and quiet and kids were barely smiling. We brought out the toys and it definitely cheered everyone up and put a smile on their faces. Bucket showers were surprisingly enjoyable and it really wasn’t as expected. Overall it was a wonderful day and we can’t wait for service to start.


As many of you know, our group has been ascribed two volunteer work sites: cement and garden.


Cement: We are building a water system so that the family can use the water to shower, clean and water their garden.

  • We have hand-mixed cement (26 buckets of sand, 28 buckets of rock, lots of buckets of water, 1 bag of cement) and poured it into molds. We have made 8 cylinders and a base, all there is left is to assemble the system together.


Garden: We are forming a garden for a family so they can grow vegetables to eat and sell.

  • We have overturned all the soil twice, made rows for the plants, planted both cucumbers and black-eyed pea seeds, made a fence around the garden and put up a mesh layer. Tomorrow we have to finish planting the seeds.


Overall, we have been working really hard (faster than expected!) and expect to finish tomorrow. Even though we are working hard, green mango with salt and chilli flakes has been enjoyed frequently!