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Trip Recap

I am not sure when the last yak was posted, but I will start with a quick recap from today. We woke up in the early hours of the morning to catch our train to Casablanca. When we arrived we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and we walked to Hassan II’s Mosque. If you do a quick Google search on this magnificent piece of architecture the photos will not give you justice of the size of building. To give you a better idea of its size, the mosque can hold 20,000 people on the inside and 80,000 people in the courtyard surrounding it (my facts may be off by the way).

It was the most beautiful religious center I have ever visited and it gave me a better sense of how precious Islam is to the people of this country. All of my preconceived notions of Islam have been completely destroyed in this short trip. Sadly the media at home does not do a great job of representing it and I wish everyone reading this could have shared our experience here with this beautiful religion.

I hope the yaks have kept you all up to date on our travels and we will all have so much more to tell you when we arrive home. We are waking up around 3:40 am tomorrow morning to make our flight. Maybe give us a day or two after we get home to receive a full run down of our trip because as your expecting, we will all be really tired. To finish off I just want to express how grateful to my parents I am for letting me go on this trip and I’m sure that everyone else with me is equally as grateful.

Sincerely, Shane.