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Hi! My name is Kayla Mathieu and I am a freshman at Milton Academy. I have lived in Milton my entire life, but my family and I love to travel. We have visited many countries all over the world, but I have yet to visit the middle east which makes this trip very exciting for me. My dad was born in Haiti but moved here when he was fourteen. Conversely, my mother group up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. The two different backgrounds always help us see everything from two points of view in our household. We frequently visit Haiti and while my dad group up quite fortunate we often observe the poverty within the country and it always helps us appreciate what we have. We always try help as much as we can but it also helps us realize that even with very little, people continue to enjoy life as though they have no troubles. This ability astonishes me everytime we visit and always forces me to think about the way in which I value all of my privileges. The country is rich with culture that we love to be a part of whenever we visit. I think what I am most excited about is hopefully being able to experience this same sentiment while visiting Jordan. While there are many different perceptions of the middle east I am excited to experience it for myself for all that it is and not just what people want you to believe about the region.

While the unfamiliarity of Jordan makes it quite exciting, I am also a little bit nervous about the language barrier and making sure that I am doing my best to educate myself about aspects of a culture that is new to me. I am eager to learn this new culture and I can’t wait for this experience!