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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.


Hi guys, I’m pretty awkward writing about myself so here we go: my name is Romina and I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico. I grew up there and then moved to the US for high school to an alternative boarding school in Vermont, but I go back home every time I can. Like Izzy, I’m going to Wesleyan in the fall.

I’m very into photography, journalism and social justice. I love the ocean (any bodies of water), art, hiking, adventures, sports, music, books, food, and of course traveling!

Over the summer I worked in two restaurants to save enough money to travel (plus all my life savings jaja), and I’ve been in South East Asia for almost 5 months. I can’t even process how much I’ve learned about the people, the culture and the history of each of the countries I’ve had the privilege to visit!

That’s all I guess…so psyched for the adventures that await us!! See you soon:))