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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


Hey everyone!

I’m Libby and I’m super excited to meet you all! I spent the beginning of my gap year in Madrid taking Spanish classes and traveling around Europe with one of my best friends from high school (gap years are really popular at my school). My Spanish is okay but I’m much better at understanding than speaking. I’m looking forward to working on that and improving during this trip.

I actually have a few friends who have done gap year programs with Dragons before and all of them have loved their trips and highly recommended it to me, which is why I decided to step so far out of my comfort zone for something like this. I’ve been backpacking/camping around seven times in my life, but never for more than a week. I love camping in small groups because it’s such a great way to get to know people really well in a short amount of time. I also love to travel and I’ve traveled a fair amount which is probably why Dragons asked me to be the student leader in all the airport/transportation stuff. I’ve never done such an immersive trip like this, though and I’m really excited to learn in depth about the cultures of Bolivia and Peru.

See you all soon!