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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is widely practiced throughout China. We had the chance to visit the largest TCM hospital in Kunming. At this hospital they utilize acupuncture, massage, herbs, and moxibustion. We were fortunate enough to see treatments first hand. After experiencing this form of traditional medicine, we saw how Western medicine is being coupled with TCM to strengthen the medical practices as a whole. X-ray may be paired with massage to further diagnose.

One of the patients we saw during our time at the hospital was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Acupuncture was used to stimulate the nerves in her face. Over ten needles were placed around her face, on her arms, and even on her ears. This shows how TCM can help to target a problem through a wholistic approach. They treat the whole body, not only the affected area. We were told that repeated treatment would continually improve the nerves and restore movement to her face.

This wholistic approach to treating any medical need is economically beneficial and has also been shown to provide better results in the long term. The World Health Organization has deemed TCM the medicine of the future.

This was a new experience for all of us and has helped us to better understand the Chinese culture. We are so glad this was part of our trip and hope to continue learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Types of TCM:

Acupuncture – It wakes up and stimulates blood flow and helps to stimulate nerves.

Cupping – Helps to release toxins by reducing pressure and allowing inflammation to subside.

Massage – It combines a western chiropractic practice with physical therapy and massage therapy.

Herbs – Different combinations of herbs to naturally treat and relieve symptoms.