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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Sugeng Rawuh!

Halo everyone, How are you?

I am very excited to get chance to greet you here.
My name is Cecilia, called me Lia. I have a son named Nicho (6years old). We lived with my parents; bapak Thomas and Ibu Titin in Giwangan area, near Kota Gede silver village. We are very excited every time a Dragons student lives with us. We can learn from each other, learn different cultures and different habits.

Mahalia, from Long Island, our first beautiful daughter, she shares a lot about Long Island. Mahalia has been successfully passed a twin banyan tree and walk on “egrang “ (bamboo) at the South Square of the Sultan Palace.

Uncle Barry from Ohio, he is a computer teacher. Uncle Barry has lots of stories about the abundant snow in Ohio. He also showed us his video when Matthew and Zack (his sons) were playing snow. We visited the Great Mosques in Kota Gede and taste “kipo”, one of traditional snacks from this area made of sticky rice and greater coconuts.

Amy from California, our sweet daughter who loves running. She helped me making birthday cakes and decorated them. She is very diligent and loves children.

Laurent from Massacusset. She is very kind, caring and always helping. She loves making pictures of natures. We visited “Breksi” and “Ijo” temple with family. Laurent loves to try different types of Javanese food. She loves to play jumping and crawling like “Ninja” with Nicho.

Since we join Dragons and be part of this community by hosting their students, our family has been learning so much. I always very excited to ask the Dragons students to help me making cakes.

“Sugeng rawuh wonten Yogyakarta, Indonesia” (welcome in Yogyakarta, Indonesia-Javanese language), you will be part of our family forever.

Warm greeting,
Lia, Nicho, Bapak Thomas dan Ibu Titin