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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Speaking in Doodles – 1 of a few

I love to doodle some of the things going on around us (when not too busy just enjoying the view). This includes our lovely speakers. Yak posts only accept a few attachments at a time, so here’s the first set of Speaker Doodles for y’all to enjoy. I hope perhaps these portraits will find their ways to the speakers : ). Many thanks to all for taking the time to talk to us.

Upendra ji, my homestay father and woodcarving master, was full of quotable wisdom — but it is hard to doodle while holding a lapcha/stylus and hammer.

Here’s a list of speakers I managed to catch in Doodles (see my other posts for pics not attached here):

Ramesh Sapkota – Student-Teacher
Dr. Ramchandra – Humane Healer
Veta Pandey – Practical Philosopher
Claire Bennett and Rishi Bendhari – Poets
Deependra Joshi – Astrologer of Kings
Sazib Shakya – Universe Painter
Upendra Barahi – Woodcarving Master
Kesang Tseten – Documenter of Life
Anita Thapa – Community Strengthbuilder
Lochan Gyawali – Tea Maestro
Anil Chitrakar – Heritage Holder
Milan Rai – Street Art Spirit
Deepa Shrestha – Language Connoisseur