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Sand, Trains, and Activism

We’ve had a big day. It started before sunrise, when we had to leave Vatsalya school to catch our train to Delhi. After saying our good byes, our bags were packed and so was our breakfasts but the bus was…stuck in the sand. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to get it out, we were dropped at the station on the Vatsalya school bus just minutes before our train pulled out of the station! Whew! On the train, we amused ourselves by talking, napping, reading and eating the large amount of food that was prepared for us. We arrived in Delhi by early afternoon with time to have lunch, shower and rest. In the evening, Nandini Rao, a women’s rights activist and scholar, came to meet with us. For over two hours, she led a lively discussion about the status of women in movement, the strides made by women’s rights movements in recent years and the connections she could draw between important conversations happening in the US and India about sexual harassment and discrimination. She also answered many of the questions that had come up in the past 10 days travelling through India. Finally we all had dinner together and then called it an early night. Tomorrow is the Dragons’ instructors last day with the group and we have lots of fun activities planned. We’ll have another updated tomorrow.